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  1. 2013 San Diego Beer Week Events

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    To add our San Diego Beer Week events to your calendar CLICK HERE


    Friday 11-01-13

    • San Diego Brewer’s Guild Festival
    • Ticket info HERE
    • 6 -9PM

    Saturday 11-02-13

    • San Diego Brewer’s Guild Festival
    • Ticket info HERE
    • 2 -5PM

    Monday 11-04-13

    • The Local
    • 5PM
    • Port Brewing Tap Takeover & Pint Night
    • Pouring: Deliverance, Bourbon Barrel Aged Santa’s Little Helper, Carnevale, and High Tide


    • Neighborhood | Nobel Experiment
    • 7PM
    • Lost Abbey Ultimate Box Set Tasting SOLD OUT | Neighborhood Tap Takeover
    • Pouring: 2012 Red Poppy, Bourbon Angel’s Share, 10 Commandments, Mongo, Red Barn, Devotion, High Tide, and Shark Attack

    Tuesday 11-05-13

    • Ciro’s Pizza & Ale House
    • 6PM
    • The Lost Abbey & Port Brewing Tap Takeover & Trivia Night
    • Pouring: Cuvee De Tomme, Red Barn, Angel’s Share, and Board Meeting


    • The High Dive
    • 7PM
    • Chicks For Beer / Food Pairing
    • Pouring: Older Viscosity, Shark Attack, Board Meeting, Mongo, and High Tide

    Wednesday 11-06-13

    • Toronado SD
    • 7PM
    • The Lost Abbey Night
    • Pouring: Cable Car, Angel’s Share, Mayan Judgement Day, Deliverance, Red Barn

    Thursday 11-07-13

    • Newport Pizza & Ale House
    • 7PM
    • The Lost Abbey & Port Brewing Tap Takeover & Pint Night
    • Pouring: Framboise de Amorosa, Angel’s Share, Deliverance, Red Barn, Mongo, and Shark Attack


    • Stone Brewing Co.
    • 6:30-9PM
    • Master Pairing Dinner With The Lost Abbey – $79 SOLD OUT

    Friday 11-08-13

    • Raglan Public
    • 7PM
    • The Lost Abbey Tap Takeover
    • Pouring Deliverance, Devotion, Red Barn, Avant Garde, and Lost & Found

    Saturday 11-09-13

    • OB Noodle House
    • 1PM
    • Keep The Pint Night: Premiere of our new High Tide pint glasses.
    • Pouring High Tide


    • Urge Gastropub
    • 11:30AM
    • The Lost Abbey keep the pint night
    • Pouring: Angel’s Share, Deliverance, 10 Commandments, Cuvee de Tomme, Serpent’s Stout, and 2012 Older Viscosity


    • Churchill’s Pub & Grille
    • 4PM
    • Lost Abbey Tasting with Director of Production & QA, Gwen Conley,and Lead Brewer, Matt Webster
    • Pouring: Angels Share, Deliverance, Gift of the Magi, Mo Betta Bretta, Carnevale, and Red Poppy

    Sunday 11-10-13

    • Waypoint Public
    • 6PM
    • The Lost Abbey Tap Takeover
    • Pouring Red Poppy, Red Barn, Avant Garde, and Deliverance




  2. 2013 Barrel Night Tickets

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    An exclusive exploration into The Lost Abbey barrel archives, Barrel Night will continue the tradition of unearthing hidden treats from the depths of The Lost Abbey Barrel Program.

    Barrel Night will be limited to 150 guests at $100 per ticket. The price will include samples of the barrel-aged rarities as well access to the core lineup of Lost Abbey Beers. In addition, Two (2) bottles of the extremely limited Veritas 012 will be included with the ticket as well as a commemorative Lost Abbey glass.

    Fine cheeses, artisanal bread, and an exquisite selection of cured meats and pates will be available, with suggestions for each pairing.
    Tickets go live at 10am on 10-15-13 CLICK HERE sold out

  3. LA Beer Week 2013

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    Mohawk Bend – Monday Sept 23rd

    Meet DOBO, Tomme Arthur, for a Port Brewing & Lost Abbey tap take-over at Echo Park’s notorious Mohawk Bend.

    Directions: 2141 W. Sunset Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90026

    The Lost Abbey
    • Carnevale
    • Red Barn
    • Lost & Found
    • Avant Garde
    • Cuvee de Tomme
    • Red Poppy
    Port Brewing
    • Wipeout
    • Mongo
    • Hot Rocks
    • Older Viscosity
    • Brandy Barrel-Aged Santa’s Little Helper


    Surly Goat – Tuesday Sept 24th

    Our own Tomme Arthur will join Eric Salazar (New Belgium Brewer & Wood Beer Specialist) for a night of barrel-aged goodness at The Surly Goat, Tuesday, September 24th.

    Directions: 7929 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90046

    The Lost Abbey
    • Bourbon Barrel-Aged Santa’s Little Helper
    • Deliverance
    • Angel’s Share
    • Red Poppy
    • Hot Rocks
    • Hop-15
    • Saison Blanc
    New Belgium
    • Eric’s Ale
    • Irby’s Ale
    • NBB Loves Leopold
    • Biere De Garde
    • Imperial Coffee Chocolate Stout
    • La Folie
    • Le Terroir


  4. Tasting Videos

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    We’ve added some new tasting videos to our list. Get some interesting insight on our beer as Tomme talks about Port Brewing’s Hop-15 and Lost Abbey’s Framboise de Amorosa, Red Poppy, Saison Blanc, Saint’s Devotion, and Duck Duck Gooze.

    Tasting Notes Playlist

  5. Condolences

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    As brewers, employees and owners we get up each and everyday and head to our brewhouses. For many of us, brewing is in our blood and we are blessed to have a job that brings so much joy to many.

    We also know that brewing is a hazardous occupation and daily we work together to ensure the safety of our staff, patrons and brewery visitors. We’re not always successful in preventing the smallest to the largest accidents but make no mistake, all of us in the business of beer want nothing but the best for everyone in our buildings.

    On Saturday, I was having beers with two Stone employees at Port Brewing and The Lost Abbey. During our beers it came to my attention that an accident had occurred at Stone Brewing and they were gone in an instant. Clearly an incident requiring the attention of many had taken place.

    I awoke Sunday morning to the news that an employee of their great company had perished in a tragic accident. It was only after searching the Internet that I came to learn a friend of Port Brewing and The Lost Abbey would no longer be visiting us.

    Yesterday was a tough day. When accidents happen they can affect us all. The San Diego brewing community was clearly shaken by such an unfortunate incident and one that took place in our backyard.

    I personally will miss a young brewer who was just getting his wings underneath him while working for an A+ company. He will no longer be stopping by our brewery on Friday nights to discuss his day at Stone Brewing. That sucks in more ways than I can speak to. Life is precious and sometimes it takes a moment like this with a beer in hand to remind us of this.

    Matt C. you will be missed. Greg, Steve and all of Team Stone our thoughts and prayers will continue to be with you all. On behalf of our Port Brewing and Lost Abbey family of brewers, I raise a glass of amazing beer in the honor of one who left us all far to soon.

    – Tomme Arthur
    (on behalf of Port Brewing and Lost Abbey employees and patrons with the heaviest of hearts)

  6. 2013 Pre-Stone Anniversary Brunch

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    We are all about traditions here at The Lost Abbey, so join us, once again, for our annual pre-Stone Anniversary Brunch.  Once again we’ll be feeding the masses before the annual sojourn up the hill to attend Stone’s Anniversary Celebration. As in years past, the Tasting Room will open at 8:30am with an incredible carb-laden spread and 42 taps of fresh Port Brewing / The Lost Abbey beers.

    2013 Pre-Stone Anniversary Brunch from The Lost Abbey on Vimeo.

    • What: Pre-Stone 17th Anniversary Brunch
    • When: Saturday, August 17, 2013 – 8:30am to 11:30am
    • Where: The Lost Abbey / Port Brewing, San Marcos, San Diego County, CA
    • How Much: No entry fee. Food is free. Standard pricing for beers.

    But wait — there’s more! Reminiscent of last year, again Churchills and Executive Chef A.G. Warfield will be serving an epically and appropriately arrogant menu, perfectly prepped and paired for craft beer’s paramount party. Carnivore, Vegetarian or Omnivore, you’re guaranteed to be impressed and well-sated by a buffet as impressive as the many beers to come throughout the day. As always, the food is free and the tasters regular price. It’s just our — and Churchill’s — way of saying Happy Birthday to Stone and thanks to all the craft beer lovers of the world! (We’ll have more details on the beers and food next week as we get closer to the big event.) Come early, come hungry, and be prepared for a day of stories from start to finish.

  7. Duck Duck Gooze: Update II


    Duck Duck Gooze, The Lost Abbey’s much-anticipated blended oak-aged sour, returns to The Lost Abbey pond this August. A blend of 1, 2 and 3 year old beers aged in French Oak barrels, Duck Duck Gooze was first released in 2009 and has since remained one of the more sought after beers in The Lost Abbey portfolio.
    “We never envisioned Duck Duck Gooze as being available each year, the plan was to have it released into the wild every three years or so. Last year we delayed it in order to produce The Lost Abbey’s Ultimate Box Set.” Said Tomme Arthur, Director of Brewery Operations at The Lost Abbey. “Duck Duck Gooze isn’t slated to be released next until 2016 so we expect this year’s version to sell out quickly”

    Starting Thursday, August 8th at 10am PT, beer lovers everywhere will be able to purchase up to 6 (six) bottles of Duck Duck Gooze at $40 per bottle (plus CA sales tax and a $1 convenience charge per bottle). There will be a total of 7200 bottles available split between the four sessions (1800 bottles reserved per session).

    After careful consideration and research, The Lost Abbey has decided to use a company that we have a great relationship with and an even better understanding of, Nexternal, for the online sale of Duck Duck Gooze. We were able to streamline the process of selling Duck Duck Gooze while also being able to keep the convenience charges to a minimum. Nexternal has a brilliant track record of handling extremely large releases without any server interruptions or failures.

    Part of the new process of selling Duck Duck Gooze online will also come with a few restrictions. The main addition is the requirement of whoever purchases Duck Duck Gooze, must also be the individual to pick up the bottles… NO EXCEPTIONS. Removing the option of proxies will help get the beer to as many people as possible and will allow a smoother pickup process. Consumers who do not pick up their bottles during their designated pick up time will surrender the bottles back to The Lost Abbey. A valid ID and confirmation email will be required to pick up the purchased bottles. Any duplicate sales to the same name, email or credit card will be rendered null and void.

    The sessions for retrieving purchased Duck Duck Gooze will happen Labor Day weekend, a morning and afternoon session on Saturday, August 31st and Sunday, September 1st (8am – 11am & 12pm – 3pm). To reiterate –  If beer is purchased and not picked up during the designated pick up session, the beer will be surrendered back to the brewery. NO PROXIES ALLOWED

    To purchase bottles, please use this link ( – Please note the sessions will not activate until Thursday, August 8th at 10am PT.

  8. Duck Duck Gooze: Update 1


    With the upcoming release of Duck Duck Gooze, The Lost Abbey has decided to go in a new direction in releasing this beer to the public, with the emphasis on ease and getting the beer to as many people possible. Taking a page from some of the successful releases of our brewery brethren throughout the country, our mission is to reestablish the beer as the focus and not the trials of waiting in line.

    Duck Duck Gooze will be sold in advance using Brown Paper Tickets prior to Labor Day weekend, with 4 different sessions of pick up times (Two Saturday and two Sunday). If beer is purchased and not picked up during the designated pick up session, the beer will be surrendered back to the brewery. Online sales should commence in early August.

    There will be a six bottle limit per person, any duplicate purchases will be rendered null and void. In keeping with tradition, Duck Duck Gooze will be packaged in 750 ml cork finished bottles, the same as the original batch.

    More info, including the exact date the bottles will be put on-sale, will be released in the coming week.