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  • When things go wrong

    This past week was one of those weeks at the brewery. On Monday, we shipped out several pallets of beer for Massachussets. These pallets included beer for Distribution as well as some extra cases of beer for the two beer dinners we are partcipating in. Unfortunately, because I was out of the country the previous […]

  • Wrapping up

    It’s been two weeks since I left for Denver and the Great American Beer Festival. And what a two weeks it’s been. When I blogged last, I discussed some of our beers and the competition itself. Here’s a recap of what happened. On Wednesday the 30th of September, Port Brewing won $5000 in the Lallemand […]

  • The Nerves Have It

    It’s 9 AM on Saturday morning and I am sitting in the dead quiet of my hotel room. The cooling fan for the room is humming along and outside my window, the sun is piercing a crystal blue sky and downtown Denver is barely coming to life. Normally, I’d still be asleep trying to rest […]

  • I feel old today

    Sydney started pre-school today and so I’m feeling a bit old right about now. Mind you, not the my joints creak when I move sort of old and certainly not the I’m going to pop a 4 hour purple pill kind of seriously old. Yet, today Misses Piggles headed off to her first day of […]

  • Cooks Confab Wrap Up

    Last night I had the great pleasure of attending the Cook’s Confab Beer event at Stingaree Restaurant and Bar in Downtown San Diego. The Cook’s Confab is a collection of local chefs (who happen to be incredibly talented) and work for some of the best restaurants in San Diego. They hold quarterly themed events and […]

  • Camp Chico

    Chico, CA. Beer Camp? Are there two better words in the English Language? Okay, maybe Pale Ale, but seriously, a camp for beer lovers? God Bless you Ken Grossman. Now before you run out and try and sign up for this, there’s just one catch. Camp Chico (established 2008) isn’t open to the public. It […]

  • Santa Baby

    It’s that time of year when kids across this country are actually dragged by their ears to the malls of America so that they can kick and scream on some watered down version of Santa as he listens to “Little Jaunito” tell him about wanting a “Red Rider Uzi with Matching Bandana.” I happen to […]

  • 2008 GABF wrapup

    It’s hard to imagine not wanting to drink a beer. But, that’s exactly how I felt yesterday. AND, it was the first day in a VERY long time that I didn’t “want” a beer. Denver has a way of doing that to you. 6 days of marathon like consumption has a way of beating you […]

  • It’s Go Time!

    It’s Friday morning and the 2008 Great American Beer Festival has finished judging all the beers. I am hearing numbers near 3000 beers this year. It will surpass the 2008 World Beer Cup as the largest commercial beer competition in the world. These my friends are exciting times. Now that my judging duties are done, […]

  • Rocky Mountain Hi!

    Some 21 years ago, Gina Marsaglia and her brother Vince found themselves as owners of a little hole in the wall pizza establishment on the coast in Solana Beach (North County San Diego). This was long before Stone, AleSmith and Ballast Point helped put San Diego on the map as a beer town. Nope, back […]