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2011 San Diego International Beer Festival Results

As you may have heard via the social media channels, we did okay at the 2011 San Diego International Beer Festival last week.

Okay, we’re being modest. We did really well, pulling down six ribbons in all — 3 Gold, 1 Silver and 2 Bronze — which was more than any other brewery.

Our winners were:


  • Red Poppy (Sour Ale)
  • Shark Attack (Imperial Red Ale)
  • Veritas 008 (Specialty Beer)


  • Hot Rocks (American Style Brown Ale)


  • Amazing Grace (Sour Ale)
  • Inferno (Belgian Style Pale Strong Ale)

Our cousins over at the Pizza Ports didn’t do too shabby either, grabbing seven ribbons — 4 for Carlsbad, 2 for Ocean Beach and 1 for Solana Beach — as well as Best of Show for Poor Man’s IPA, making this the third consecutive year a Pizza Port has owned Best of Show.

The SD Beer Festival is kind of a big deal for us, not just because of its size (150 breweries, 350+ beers), but because it’s judged by our fellows in the San Diego brewing community — none of whom are exactly slouches when it comes to great beer. When your peers here in the world capitol of craft beer heap awards on you, you know you must be doing something right. (One day we’ll find out what that is.)

All of the 2011 winners have been posted on the San Diego County Fair website in PDF format. You’ll find them here:

A list of all the breweries that participated as well as previous years’ winners is available on the SD Fair website here.

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