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Meet Michelle B!


When I first started to interview Michelle, she would only answer my questions with questions. I asked her “How are you doing today” and she would reply with “Do you enjoy watching paint dry?”. This went on for about an hour, I kept asking different questions and she kept asking me if I enjoyed watching paint dry. After downing two Hop 15’s, I decided I would answer her question… “No, Michelle, I don’t enjoy watching paint dry”. She responded with “Good, you’ve passed the test, now we may begin the interview”. Then she  impersonated Shang Tsung from the movie Mortal Kombat and yelled “It Has Begun!”. CLICK HERE if you don’t know what I mean.

1. What is your go-to Karaoke song and would you sing it for us? 
The ancient art of Kara-oke is truly my favorite thing to do on a daily basis. I love to sing anything written by the great and wonderfully talented Michael Bolton. Yes, I think think we should have a Lost Abbey Karaoke night!

2. Who would you be in the “Game of Thrones” universe? (and don’t say a dragon, everyone wants to be a dragon)
Game of Thrones isn’t my cup of tea. I prefer Antiques Road Show

3. What’s your hidden talent? (Follow up question: Why do you hide it?)
I love knitting outfits for my cats while watching Antiques Road Show. I’ve kept this a secret because I know everyone would hit me up for my awesome cat active-wear.

4. If you had to choose one celebrity to record your voicemail message, who would it be? 
Definitely Will Ferrell as Harry Carey

5. Word around the brewery is you are really into video games, if you created a Lost Abbey video game, who would be the hero? (Tomme wants to be the Final Boss, so you can’t pick him)
Without a doubt in my mind…. Kevin Hopkins is the hero of the Lost Abbey Video Game –  (this question was brought to you by Kevin Hopkins Publishing… Check out their newest cookbook “To Serve Man”)

6. What CD is in your car right now?
This new band that is pretty awesome named Dead Feather Moon

7. If we bought you a “Soda Stream” for Christmas (btw: we’re not planning on it), what would be the first drink you’d make? 
I did get a soda stream for Christmas 2 years ago and the first soda I made was root beer!

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