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Beer Review: Serious Eats – California IPA

Serious Eats’ Maggie Hoffman is dedicating the next few weeks to writing about West Coast IPAs, beginning this week with California. Russian River’s Pliny the Elder topped her list, but we were rather pleased to find both of our bottled IPAs, Wipeout and Hop 15 among the few notables pulled from a field of 30 beers from up and down the state.

Serious Eats' California IPA Roundup (Photo: Maggie Hoffman)

From the article:

At their best, California IPAs clean and crisp–totally refreshing. (At their worst, they get a wee bit metallic.) Some have malt profiles that lean toward a traditional English style. Moving into the double- and imperial- range, the maltiness and earthiness of these beers get heavier. For the most part, California IPAs aren’t fruit bombs–the hops tend to be more toward the bittering end.

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