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Boos n’ Brews Night 2011

It’s that time again! Sharpen your carving knife and have your pumpkin goop scooper at the ready because it’s Boos n’ Brews night at The Lost Abbey!

Boos n' Brews Night - Oct 28, 2011 - 5pm to 9pm

Join us in the tasting room for fresh Port / Lost Abbey beers and whole lot of really creative pumpkin carving as we get ready to ward off the evil spritis on All Hallows Eve Monday. A family-friendly occassion, you can bring your own pumpkin or pick one up at the brewery!

The carving starts at 5pm – pumpkins are free, but in limited supply, so get there early if you’re feeling crafty with the squash. Beers are all our regular (very reasonable) prices.

The Details:

Check out photos from our previous Boos n’ Brews Nights:

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