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  • Vodcast #41 The Build & Release Of The Ultimate Boxset

    On Wednesday November 22nd we at the Lost Abbey constructed ALL of The Ultimate Boxsets; meaning we added two sets of foam inserts, all 12 Track beers, the sealed vinyl w/ artwork & liner notes, and the hand written serial number. Each Boxset was sealed, palletized, and wrapped up for the big release on Saturday […]

  • Vodcast #40 Mayan Judgment Day

    Last Friday the power went out.  Many of us believe it is a sign.  Maybe we shouldn’t be making a beer in honor of the end of the world.   Vodcast #40 Mayan Judgment Day from The Lost Abbey on Vimeo.

  • SDBW Vodcast #39

    We just finished up San Diego Beer Week. Below is a video of one night from the entire week full of events. Vodcast #39 SDBW from The Lost Abbey on Vimeo.

  • Vodcast #38 GABF Happenings

    Before we ventured to Denver for the Great American Beer Festival this year we announced that our fellow Saint, Abbey, had gone missing. We announced there would be a reward for the person to follow his tracks and catch him at his final destination.  Thanks to the help of Michael Kearns, and several more, he was […]

  • Vodcast #37 Painting Logos

    Our on call artist, Sean Dominguez, paints our Port Brewing and Lost Abbey logos at the entrance of the tasting room.  A two day process turned into a 30 second video. Vodcast #37 Sean Painting from The Lost Abbey on Vimeo.

  • Vodcast #36 Bat Out Of Hell

    The making of Track 10 of the illustrious Ultimate Box Set. Vodcast #36 Bat Out Of Hell from The Lost Abbey on Vimeo. Details on the beer release (October 20, 2012) can be found here.

  • Vodcast #35 The Hunt For Lost Abbey At GABF

    Abbot (aka: “Abbey”) has run off to Denver and now he’s lost. Help us find where he’s hiding at the Great American Beer Festival and you could win free beer, Lost Abbey wearables and even your own Ultimate Box Set collection     If you are in Denver for The Great American Beer Festival 2012, visit […]