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Festival Of Barrel Aged Beers Leaves Tracks of Gold and Bronze

Three Ultimate Box Set Beers take home medals

The Illinois Craft Brewer’s Guild held their annual barrel-aged confab known as “FoBAB” or the Festival of Wood and Barrel-Aged Beer took place last weekend in Chicago. The Lost Abbey ventured to the Midwest (though it’s really the Near East if you look at a map) to bring our friends in the Land of Lincoln a taste of how we do it here in San Diego.

Photo by Sergio Salgado











In all, we entered four Tracks–numbers 8 – 11–from our Ultimate Box Set and walked away with three medals–two golds and a bronze–as well as Runner Up for Best in Show. Not a bad day in our book.

Here’s a list of the FoBAB Medals we received:

  • Bronze – Track #10 – Bat out of Hell (Experimental Beer)
  • Gold – Track #8 – Number of the Beast (Experimental Beer & Runner Up Best in Show)
  • Gold – Track #9 – Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door (Wild Beer)

Track #11 (Devil Went Down to Georgia) missed out on a medal in the Fruit Beer category, but we still like it all the same.

A great big thanks to all the Illinois Craft Brewers Guild folks and the fans who turned out for FoBAB. We’re looking forward to seeing them all again when we head back to Chicago!

If you’d like to see a full list of FoBAB winners, you’ll find it on the Illinois Craft Brewers Guild website here.

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