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Libri Divini – November 2011

The Official Newsletter of Port Brewing & The Lost Abbey
Volume 3, Issue 6

In this issue:

Thanksgiving Weekend Hours | Cuvee de Tomme 2011 Release | New Faces: Kevin Hopkins | First Ever: Commercial Conclave | New & Upcoming Beer Releases

Thanksgiving Weekend Hours

The Thanksgiving Holiday is upon us and as always our tasting room will be open special hours for your enjoyment over the long weekend.

  • Nov 23 (Wed) – 12pm to 7pm
    So you’ll have bottles and growlers to take over the river and through the woods to grandma’s house.
  • Nov 24 (Thu) – Closed
    So our family can spend time with their family.
  • Nov 25 (Fri) – 12pm to 9pm
    Opening early so you can bring/escape (you choose) the family and enjoy a few samples in the tasting room
  • Nov 26 (Sat) – 12pm to 7pm
    Regular hours
  • Nov 27 (Sun) – 12pm to 6pm
    Regular hours

» Click here for more tasting room updates

Cuvee de Tomme 2011

Cuvee de Tomme 2011

The long wait is over! Cuvee de Tomme 2011 is scheduled for release in the brewery on Saturday December 17, 2011.

While larger than the 2010 release, the total run for this year’s CdT is still extremely limited, so bottles will be a brewery-only release while draft will be available in limited quantity here in Southern California.

» Click for full release details

New Faces:

Kevin Hopkins, Hospitality Manager
If you’ve had the opportunity to visit The Lost Abbey Tasting Room in the past couple of months, you’ve probably noticed a new (old) face behind the bar.

Kevin Hopkins

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Kevin Hopkins, manager of our new Hospitality department.

As the HM, Kevin’s responsible for overseeing pretty much all of our customer-facing operations including customer service, the tasting room, tours, parties, and special events — both in the brewery and around San Diego (whew).

Those of you who have been members of The Faithful for some time will probably recognize Kevin from his frequent volunteer work at our special events (competence doesn’t go unpunished around here, so we brought him on board and put him in charge), but he’s actually been a craft beer connoisseur long before Lost Abbey — a couple of decades, in fact — first in the U.K. and Europe and later right here in San Diego.

When he’s not serving beer and propounding the superiority of upper Yakima over lower Yakima hops or the many virtues of a good stout, you’ll find Kevin looking up — literally.

Kevin’s a long-time flying buff who doesn’t just love the sound of a plane thundering overhead, he loved it so much, he spent years managing airshows full of them. No too coincidentally, he’s also an accomplished pilot who takes to the air as often as he can. (Good thing too. We need someone to captain The Lost Abbey Airship Gabriel.)

You can catch Kevin in the tasting room most weekdays and the occasional weekend. For all his latest tasting room and local updates, you can also follow him on twitter at @LostAbbeyKevin. On other days, just look overhead. If you see a plane pulling barrel rolls, that’s probably him.

First Ever: Commercial Conclave

Send us a concept for a commercial; win and you get it filmed!

Got an Idea for an Ad?

You know the scenario. You’re sitting there with your friends, enjoying a perfect glass of craft beer, and suddenly you’ve got a great idea for a commercial. (If this has never happened to you, you are drinking the wrong kind of beer.)

Well now here’s you’re chance to capitalize on your creativity!

The whole month of December we’ll be accepting submissions for Port Brewing / The Lost Abbey 60 second commercial concepts. From all the submissions we’ll select one concept (via a very serious Conclave process) to be filmed as an actual advertisement for our brewery. The winner will receive an all expenses-paid two-day trip to San Diego, V.I.P. status at Port Brewing / The Lost Abbey and go on set to film the commercial with our acclaimed in-house director, Ryan Tillotson!

Full details, rules, limits, legalese and fine print will be available on The Lost Abbey website starting December 1, 2011.

» Click here for details

New & Upcoming Releases

Add our upcoming releases and events to your own calendar! » Click here for details


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