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Lost Abbey tops new breweries list

Brookston Beer Bulletin’s Jay Brooks has a list of the best new breweries that didn’t exist 10 years ago. Guess who tops that list? Yep, Port Brewing / The Lost Abbey!

From the article:

…many new breweries have seen a phenomenal amount of success in a relatively short time. Undoubtedly, the market has changed considerably from where it was pre-millennium and that probably accounts for more favorable conditions for new craft brewers. But alone that’s not enough to account for it all. Some of these new breweries just stepped up and kicked butt. So for my 20th Top 10 list, here are my choices for the ten most important and influential breweries that began within the last ten years.

Thanks for the nod, Jay. And thanks to all of you for helping us make it to the top!

» Read the full article here (via Brookston Beer Bulletin)

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