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Adam Martinez

Adam Martinez

Director of Media and Marketing

“Face for Radio”

Adam joined The Lost Abbey Family in February of 2013

Early in life, Adam had two passions that fueled his ambition… Radio and craft beer. Picture this guy in high school… Listening to talk radio and being the only guy at a party with a six pack of Sierra Nevada or Stone. He was the Ron Burgundy of Escondido High Schools… even voted “Most Entertaining” as a senior.

After spending a decade handling marketing for various radio stations, it was time for Adam chase his other passion… Craft Beer. It was a precarious start as Adam almost didn’t make it to the second interview, he wouldn’t stop pinching himself during the initial visit, which everyone thought was kind of weird. Once he was hired, Adam kept jumping up and down and eventually hyperextended his knee, ending his third goal in life, becoming the Quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys.

When he’s not at The Lost Abbey, Adam enjoys spending time with his wife Kristy and their two dogs, Bella and Sookie. (Asked why he named his dogs after two Vampire inspired characters, Adam responded with “Bella was already named that when we got her from the shelter, but Sookie was named after Sookie Stackhouse… because True Blood is “for real”.)