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James Hodges


“Third Beard from the left”

James joined The Port Brewing Family in December of 2013

Favorite part about working in the Beer Industry?
Me no speak that well, so getting to work with my hands is ideal…

Favorite pastime to drink a beer during?
Softball games… Right now my team is rated #1 in the lower east side of Ocean Beach. We’re called the OB Pig Handlers for various reasons. It’s even cooler than regular softball because our adult league still lets you hit off of a tee.

Favorite Lost Abbey/ Port Brewing beer?
Right now I’m all about Mongo IIPA, it’s so cool that we named a beer after that “Blazing Saddles” character! That guy could act!

If you didn’t work in Beer, what would you do?
Probably professional softball. Not sure that it exists, but I’d be more than happy to start it. Maybe I could do a Kickstarter to get the funds… if only I knew how to get on the internet.

If you could name a beer after yourself, what would it be?
James Hodges Softball Superstar IPL dry-hopped with my High School catchers mitt

If you were stuck on a desert island, what would you have take with you (besides beer, because this island has a ton of beer)?
Probably my iPod, I have every song by REO Speedwagon and Rush. Best part? I re-recorded the vocals over the tracks so now I can hear the sweet sounds of James Hodges over awesome drum solos.

What’s your ultimate dinner? Picture the dinner they would serve on death row… no restrictions
OB Pizza Port pepperoni Pizza. I’d probably order a large so I could have some the next day.