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Play The Hunt for “Lost Abbey” at GABF

The Game’s afoot! Click here to follow along

Abbot (aka: “Abbey”) has run off to Denver and now he’s lost. Help us find where he’s hiding at the Great American Beer Festival and you could win free beer, Lost Abbey wearables and even your own Ultimate Box Set collection.

If you’re going to the Great American Beer Festival in Denver this October, we’ve got some extracurricular activities to help you explore Denver’s craft beer scene and even win some cool Lost Abbey stuff, including a complete Ultimate Box Set collection!

The Game: A live version of “Where’s Waldo”

Abbot the Monk (we call him “Abbey”) can’t wait for the Great American Beer Festival to start, so he’s heading out a few days early to explore Denver and its thriving craft beer scene. The problem is, Abbey’s terrible with directions (and maybe enjoys the pubs a bit too much), so he’s bound to get lost. We need your help to find him before it’s time to go home on Sunday, October 14.

Abbey will be issuing clues as to his location in downtown Denver. We need you to follow his trail and track him down. If you do, you can win lots of great stuff including some free beer, Lost Abbey wearables, and the Grand Prize, one of the super limited (there’s only 500), “Ultimate Box Set” barrel-aged beer collections.

How to play:

Using a series of clues, you’re going to trace Abbey’s footsteps through downtown Denver. Go to each spot where Abbey’s been — there’s a total of 7 – and you’ll ultimately be lead to Abbey himself. Along the way you’ll have a chance to win a number of prizes, but if you’re the first to find him on Saturday afternoon, October 13, you’ll win the Grand Prize!

The steps:

  1. You’ll need some technology: A mobile phone or iPad/Tablet, a Twitter Account and a FourSquare Account
  2. Follow @findabbey on Twitter and “friend” him on FourSquare
  3. Beginning Thursday, October 11 at 12 noon Mountain Time, Abbey will broadcast a clue as to his location. Figure out where he is, go there and check-in on Foursquare. (Make sure to “Tweet” your check-in and include @findabbey.) If you happen to run into Abbey (we’ll tweet some clues as to what he looks like), you can win an instant prize.
  4. After your check-in you’ll receive another clue as to Abbey’s next location. Figure out where that is, go there and check-in again.
  5. Ultimately, you’ll need to check-in at a total of seven locations. The seventh – and final – location will be Abbey’s final stop. If you’re the first to find him and show that you’ve checked-in at all seven locations, you’ll win your own Ultimate Box Set collection.

The Rules:

  • You must follow @findabbey on Twitter and friend him on Foursquare (this is how we track and verify the check-ins)
  • For the smaller prizes you can check-in at as many or as few locations as you like. If you catch Abbey there, you can win free beer, t-shirts and other Lost Abbey schwag. To win the Grand Prize, however, you must check-in at all seven locations on Foursquare. (This will be verified.)
  • Feel free to enlist the help of others (either at GABF or on Twitter, Foursquare, Facebook, etc.) to solve the clues – but you must physically check-in at each location to win.
  • Play as fast or as slow as you like. Game play begins on Thursday, October 11, but it doesn’t end until Saturday, October 13. (All the locations are within walking distance around downtown Denver.)
  • On Saturday afternoon, Abbey will be at the final location. Check-in at all seven locations and be the first to find him, and you win the Grand Prize*.
  • You have to be 21 years or older to win.

Follow along even if you’re not playing!

Even if you’re not attending GABF or playing the game, you can still follow the player’s progress on the web. We’ll be posting the check-ins and results on the Lost Abbey website here:

You can also follow along on Twitter, Facebook or Google Plus. Look for the hashtag #findabbey.

* The Ultimate Box Set collection

Vodcast #35 The Hunt For Lost Abbey At GABF from The Lost Abbey on Vimeo.

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