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Port Brewing & The Lost Abbey lands a monster eight medals and Best in Show at San Diego International Beer Festival

Anybody got a Carnevale?

Anyone familiar with American craft scene knows that San Diego County is basically what Olympus was to the ancient Greeks — populated by a collection of some of the mightiest brewers and breweries on the planet. This, of course, is a double-edged sword.

Yes, the region is filled will great brews, but it’s also filled with a Pantheon of brewers, judges and professional critics who have already “been there and done that,” making them an especially difficult lot to impress. So it came as more than a little surprising this past weekend when Tomme & Co. spent the afternoon doing their best Spartan army imitation running around the awards platform at the 6th Annual San Diego International Beer Festival.

If you’re not familiar with the SD International Beer Festival, while only six years old, it’s quickly grown to be one of the largest festivals anywhere with nearly 140 breweries from 15 countries and 300-odd beers in competition — including all of San Diego’s brewing Titans and a whole bunch of young, up-and-coming heroes that the rest of the craft brewing world will no doubt soon hear of.

In all, the Port Brewing / The Lost Abbey Brew Crew landed a total of eight medals and the coveted “Best in Show” award (for Carnevale). Given the all the incredible brewers and breweries we competed with, it was a high honor indeed. A great big congratulations to our whole brew team, and all the other amazing breweries who medaled this weekend!

Here’s a list of our medals from the San Diego International Beer Festival:

Beer Medal Category
Carnevale Gold & BEST IN SHOW (33) French & Belgian Style Ale
Deliverance Bronze (9) Wood & Barrel-aged Strong Beer
Serpent’s Stout Silver (41) Imperial Stout
Churchill’s Finest Hour 2012 Gold (9) Wood & Barrel-aged Strong Beer
Hot Rocks Lager Silver (4) Specialty Beer
Lost and Found Bronze (36) Belgian Style Dark Ale
Midnight Expressions Bronze (39) Specialty Stout
Shark Attack Bronze (24) Imperial Red Ale

You can download a list of all the winners here.

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