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The tasting room is currently open and pouring! Last call is at 6:50pm Get Directions X

Tour Groups

For tour groups we recommend three local firms, Brew Hop San Diego, Brewery Tours of San Diego and Scavengers Beer & Adventures Tour. All of whom are excellent services and will work with us (as well as other local breweries) prior to your tour to ensure the best brewery experience possible. If you are coordinating your own visit of 15 people or more, or are working with a private transportation company, reservations are not required. We would however be happy to add you to our daily calendar and simply request that you contact us at least one week in advance with your group size and approximate arrival time. You can contact our Hospitality Department by emailing, or called directly at (800) 918-6816 ext. 102

Private Events are not really our thing

As fun as having the Abbey to yourself would be, we are not currently able to offer private events due to on-going brewery operations. The Tasting Room is open seven days a week and special occasions are celebrated here each and every day. Please feel free to join the fun on your special day too! Just let us know how big a group you are planning on bringing (Email us at and be aware that the Tasting Room will be open to the general public. Cheers!