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Track 12 of The Ultimate Box Set Releases Saturday, November 24

This Saturday, November 24, 2012 we’re releasing the twelfth beer in our Ultimate Box Set series. Track 12 is a Fresh Track; a non-fruited sour that’s a blend of three beers aged in oak barrels and inspired by Black Sabbath’s epic 1980 hit Heaven and Hell.

Ultimate Box Set Track 12 - Heaven and Hell
The epic culmination of our Ultimate Box Set; Track 12 is an inspired new sour designed for Sinners and Saints Alike

For Track 12 we created a new beer – a non-fruited sour made from a blend of Avant Garde, a previously unreleased sour brown ale, and a splash of Gift of the Magi. Aged in oak barrels the beer offers a musty nose followed by a compelling mélange of sweet and sour flavors.

Among all the Tracks we have released this year (many of which are now medal winners), the DOBO feels that Track 12 is the one that offers the most intriguing possibilities for the long run. We think all you Sinners and you Saints are really going to enjoy this one.

You’ll find the beer details (blend, ABV, liner notes, album art, etc.) on the website here. Details on the other Box Set beers can be found on the Box Set home page.

The tasting room doors will open at 10:00 am for this special event. As with all Box Set releases, the beers must be consumed on site the same day. Unopened bottles may not be carried out. Each bottle is 375ml and is $15 each.

SPECIAL NOTE: The Track 12 release day coincides with the release of the complete Ultimate Box Set Collections for those who won opportunities in the lotteries. As with past lotteries, we will draw 45 names from those who purchase a bottle of Track 12 during the release. Unlike past lotteries, however, the Track 12 lottery winners will be “instant winners” – i.e., they will be able to purchase and take home an Ultimate Box Set Collection the same day.

If you’re a Track 12 lottery winner and want to purchase the complete collection please be prepared to take your collection home the same day.

For collection pricing, contents and other details, please click here.

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