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Ultimate Box Set Track 10 Releases October 20, 2012

This Saturday, October 20, 2012 we’re releasing the tenth beer in our Ultimate Box Set series. This one is a Fresh Track that’s an ode to the Meatlof operatic 1977 rock anthem, Bat Out of Hell.

You’ll probably want to get Track 10 sooner rather than later because, like the song says, this one will probably be gone when the morning comes.

Track 10 is a big coffee and cacao beer that began as a fresh Serpent Stout base sent to age in four hand-selected bourbon barrels. Then, to maximize the flavors, 17lbs of coffee and 4lbs of cacao nibs were added shortly before bottling.

You’ll find the beer details (blend, ABV, liner notes, album art, etc.) on the website here. Details on the other Box Set beers can be found on the Box Set home page.

The tasting room doors will open at 10:30 am for this special event. As with all Box Set releases, the beers must be consumed on site, same day. Unopened bottles may not be carried out. Each bottle is 375ml and is $15 each.

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