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You Decide: Which Lost Abbey Beer should be in 375ml bottles?

As you may know, earlier this year we switched our 375ml bottles to the groovy “mini me” bottles you see in the photo here.

Which beer in 375s next?

Which beer in 375s next?

They’ve been such a big hit that we now regularly get requests to offer other Lost Abbey beers in the half-sized containers. Problem is, we don’t have enough glass to put every one of them in the smaller bottles (they come from overseas, so it takes a while to get more), so we need to pick just one beer.

Unfortunately, picking the beer has turned out to be more complicated that we thought because everybody around the brewhouse seems to have their own opinion as to which one it should be. But rather than going down our traditional dispute settlement path (we don’t need to get into specifics here, just know that it involves a pair of tongs, some dish soap and a full barrel), we’ve decided to do something new — we’re going to let you choose.

So for the first time ever, we’re opening the polls to allow you to vote on which beer we should begin packaging in 375ml as well as the traditional 750ml bottles. Take a moment to pick your favorite and we’ll announce the winner in a couple of weeks. (And don’t try stuffing the ballot box, you can only vote once.)


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