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Beer Release: Framboise di Amorosa, Veritas 007

This is the (new) release date for Framboise di Amorosa and Veritas 007.

Framboise di Amorosa is a barrel-aged raspberry framboise. Veritas 007 is a limited issue blended sour aged with Cab Franc grapes.

Release Details:

Framboise di Amorosa

  • Style: Barrel-aged raspberry Framboise
  • Format: 375ml cork-stoppered bottles
  • Price: $15 per bottle
  • Limits: 6 bottles per person
Veritas 007

  • Style:Blended sour with Cab Franc grapes
  • Format: 750ml cork-stoppered bottles
  • Price: $30 per bottle
  • Limits: 2 bottles per person

Note: Supplies of each of these beers are limited and will be delegated on a first-come, first-serve basis. Additionally, Veritas 007 is a very limited issue and will be available only for a short time the morning of the release day.

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