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  • Condolences

    As brewers, employees and owners we get up each and everyday and head to our brewhouses. For many of us, brewing is in our blood and we are blessed to have a job that brings so much joy to many. We also know that brewing is a hazardous occupation and daily we work together to […]

  • Quack!

  • Father’s Day Bundle at The Lost Abbey

    This Father’s Day, save the trouble of shopping for the man that has everything…  Stop by The Lost Abbey Tasting Room now through Father’s Day and pick your Dad up our special “Father’s Day Bundle”! For only $20, you’ll receive a brand-new (empty) Growler, a $15 gift card (to fill said growler) and two pint […]

  • Track Repeat Weekend at The Lost Abbey

    With Summer right around the corner, we thought we’d relax this weekend and set some “Tracks” on repeat! Starting Saturday (11:30am) at The Lost Abbey Tasting Room, we’ll be putting tracks 4 through 9 and 11 through 13 into our Vintage case for purchase. The bottles will be available on a first come first serve […]

  • Suds County, USA Screening at The Lost Abbey

    Join us November 9, 2012 at 7:30pm for a screening of Suds County USA, a film that tells the remarkable story of this brewing renaissance and covers the inextricable connection between the local pro brewers and home brewers who made this transition possible. You’ll have an opportunity to meet the filmmaker and discuss the inspiration […]

  • GABF 2012 Beers and Thoughts

    Each year we gather up a set of beers and work hard to slot them into the best category so that they may succeed in the competition. Given the range of expression we produce here at Port Brewing and The Lost Abbey, finding the right spot for each beer can be a challenge. The reward […]

  • There’s Steve…

    At one point or another, we’ve all had the pleasure to speak to Steve Burchill… usually its more listening than speaking as he has amazing thoughts running through his brain. Here’s a little insight in to what makes Steve tick. If you were stuck on a cruise ship and forced to make toilet wine to […]

  • A Directors Journey… or There and Back Again

    Ryan took some time out of his busy schedule of posing in tuxedos to answer a few questions regarding his trip to Cannes.  How was the flight? Flight was horrible! I always check in too late and then get stuck with the middle seat. I pee a lot, so it’s a problem 🙁 What was […]

  • Meet Matt Webster

    Matt Webster: Lead Brewer for Port Brewing and The Lost Abbey Matt came to Port Brewing Co. a year and a half ago from North Coast Brewing where he brewed for two years.  Before that he graduated from Metropolitan College of Denver where he majored in Business Management.  College is where he found his love […]

  • Reader Poll: To Hop 15 or Not To Hop 15?

    We have a quandary of sorts. As you may know, we’re supposed to brew and release our epic double IPA, Hop 15, a couple of times a year — August and February. Well it’s almost February now, but we’re doing so well with our other double IPA, Mongo, that’s it a little difficult to justify […]