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  • The Ebay Wrap Up

    It’s been a couple of weeks since my Last Call article was published in Beer Advocate. It was a soap box based piece that Jason and Todd Alstrom let me publish without editorial intereference. I have mad respect for them letting it go to print as it was originally authored. It was the least edited […]

  • *&^% Ebay

    Last fall, we began releasing a series of new beers at Port Brewing and The Lost Abbey. A curious thing happened, they started appearing on Ebay only moments it seemed after they went on sale at the brewery. I started researching the legality of sales of beer and wine on Ebay to better understand these […]

  • The Leader of the Band has Died

    Today is one of those gut wrenching days. Michael Jackson our friend, our mentor and our nomadic Beer Hunter has gone to the heavens where the angels sleep. For the first time since September of 2001, I am sitting in eerily quiet brewery not really thinking about the production side of beer. Because days like […]

  • Wine Celebrates, Beer Apologizes

    It’s a simple statement really. For too many, Wine is celebrated and beer is left to apologize for lacking sophistication. Or so it seems. I promised back in my wine infused interview from my last post that I would work on my wine based blog and so here goes nothing. In the last few months, […]

  • Two Things?

    So this past week was a very busy one with the Real Ale Festival in Carlsbad going on among other things. On Sunday, I decided like the last 10 years not to run the Rock and Roll Marathon. But for those of you who care, there is a Marathon in Dublin in October that interests […]

  • Extra! Extra! Read All About It!!!!

    I have been chasing this blog for the past 6 weeks now trying like hell to get it written. In the 11 short months that our beers have beers have been flowing out of this establishment, we have garnered some pretty darn cool press and we wanted to share these things with you. Some of […]

  • 10 Years of Good Beer Brings Good Cheer

    As many of you know, I was hired by Pizza Port in May of 1997. Later that year, Tom Nickel and I were sitting around milling some grain at the Homebrewmart in Solana Beach. We were discussing the growth of the San Diego Brewing Scene and how things were changing. We thought it would be […]