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What is Port Brewing’s relationship with The Lost Abbey?

The Lost Abbey and Port Brewing are both brands of Port Brewing Company. Like Chevrolet and Cadillac, or Taco Bell and KFC, both are produced by the same company, but targeted for different markets.

Our American / West Coast-style beers (Wipeout, Old Viscosity, Shark Attack, etc.) are package in 22 ounce bottles and released under the Port Brewing label. Our Belgian-inspired and premium beers (Avant Garde, Judgment Day, most of the barrel releases, etc.) are packaged in 375ml or 750ml corked bottles and released under the Lost Abbey label. Either way, they’re all produced in the same brewery by the same staff.


Aren’t Port Brewing and Pizza Port the same?

Nope. Two of our founders, Vince and Gina Marsaglia, are the owners of the Pizza Port empire, and a third Port Brewing founder — Tomme Arthur — used to be head brewer at Pizza Port. It’s true that Port Brewing spun-off of Pizza Port several years ago, but it’s a completely separate company with its own brewers, employees and direction. Even the beer names we share with Pizza Port — Hop 15, Shark Attack, Wipeout (holdovers from when our head brewer was theirs) — have gone in different directions. (If you think TV shows, we’re the Frazier to Pizza Port’s Cheers.)

Sure, we’re proud to have “Port” in our name, and we still stay in contact with the extended family. But like any member that grows up and moves out on their own, we’ve established our own identity and we’re making a unique mark on the world on our own terms.

Pizza Port is an awesome place both for their tasty grub and fine grog, but if you want to know more about what’s going on there, you’ll have to check out their website or give one of their locations a visit. (And if you do drop into a Pizza Port, can you do us a favor tell them we said “hi” and we’re sorry we haven’t called. We know we should, but we’ve just been really busy.)