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1. You hate it when I spell your name Jessie, what else bugs the bejeezus out of you?
The birthday song. It’s trite and no one can sing it well. Other than that just this lovely little narcissistic society we’ve created for ourselves.

2. What are you always listening to on your headphones?
Usually all sorts of podcasts but mostly comedic by nature. I prefer to walk around with mental stimulation and giggles emitting from my face. It’s helpful too because it makes an onlooker think I’m a crazy person thus blending right in at the transit station.

3. It’s common knowledge that you’re a master Angry Birds player, besides that game, what’s your favorite Smart Phone App?
Someone has gravely led you astray. I have a crippling fear of birds and love for bovines of all variety. Therefore, that is a game I would never support. To them I say “GOOD DAY!!” shazaam is pretty neat though. I wonder how It works you know.

4. If you had the choice to record DVD commentary on any movie to be included on the disc, what would it be and what would you wear?It would have to be ” the room ” and I’d wear the same clothes as the main character named Jonny. After all I too am just an average American man.

5. 4th of July is right around the corner, do fireworks still make you go “ooooh… aaaahhhh”?
No, just aaahhhh no ooooh. And I should clarify the aaaahh is more of shriek like AAAAAAAHHH!!!! 

6. Favorite Seinfeld episode?
Only correct answer: the contest.

7. I want to re-ask a question that was asked last week, it’s a good question but Kelsey’s answer sucked… Picture this: We’re building a Lost Abbey Restaurant, and letting the staff each craft and name a meal on the menu… What would be your culinary creation (Sandwich, burrito, crepe, etc)?
You know how some people question if the first moon landing was a hoax. I question you for thinking this is a ” good question “. That said, halibut or shark or some kind of higher end fish I guess. 

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