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From the Dis-information department


It’s official, we have to be the most confusing brewery on the planet. Or at least it would seem from the emails and online chatter about our beers. I posted a bunch of new information this week and sat back and watched as a bunch of postings and emails about Isabelle Proximus poured in. – So, in the interest of clarity, here are more details and confusing tidbits. We produced 17 oak barrels of this beer. We yielded about 350 cases of the beer as well as six 1/2 bbl kegs. Some of these kegs have been served for special tastings and events like Brouwer’s Cafe, Five Guys and a Barrel and a dinner we hosted here at The Lost Abbey. We have six 1/2 bbls left and one will be on tap this weekend during the Isabelle release at the brewery. I can’t wait. For the release on Saturday, we have allocated 200 cases of the beer for sale. If they do not sell out on Saturday, we will then offer them to our Patron Sinners and Saints.

We have also allocated 100 cases of this beer to be sold throughout our distribution territories and we’ll be designating on premise places like Brouwer’s, Monk’s Cafe, Toronado(s) and O’Briens to cellar this beer. This way when you visit these world class establishments, you’ll be able to find Isabelle Proximus. We will be putting this in their hands at a reasonable price point which should keep all these bottles below $40 in the market. As we don’t have enough beer to satisfy all of our distribution needs, we decided to increase the allotments to specific bars who have been part of the Belgian Beer movement and suppport great craft brewers from around the world. At this time, O’Briens is the only bar to have receieved any.

Each of the participating breweries in the project will be allocated 10 cases of beer. These 10 cases are for their personal cellars. No questions asked. They cannot legally resell them at their breweries so we just figure they’ll keep them for special occassions. Maybe if you’re lucky and special enough, this could be you.

You’ll notice that leaves some cases for The Lost Abbey. These cases will be used for Promotional tastings and the like. We feel a beer like this should be shared for many years to come. We also will be setting a percentage of the profits aside from this batch to send the 5 Brett Packers back on the road. Rumor has it that they will be pointing their collective compass towards Piozzo, Italy on a visit next summer.

Brouwer’s Imagination Saison. Yes, we only made 43 cases of this beer. We will be selling 35 cases and 4 half barrels of this beer to Brouwer’s. They will be the only ones who have it. It will be entered into the 2008 GABF and most likely we’ll put a keg of it on the floor for tasting at the event. No bottles will be sold at The Lost Abbey.

Ne Goeien Saison. This is a 100% Bottle only release. We made 234 cases. Most of these cases will remain in Southern California. We will be shipping a few cases to Monk’s Cafe as Tom Peter’s and Hildegard are great friends and they will want to be able to drink this beer when they visit. We didn’t make any draft of this beer as we felt there wasn’t enough to go around with cases.

Witch’s Wit. This is brewed and done fermenting. It is our Lost Abbey Summer Seasonal and we have very high hopes for it. The Grapefruit flavor came through incredibly well. We anticipate this being a full release to all of our distributors with draft for Southern California and Arizona.

That’s it for now. We have to get back to cleaning up for the crush on Saturday. Can’t wait!
See you then

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