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Kelsey: Lost Abbey’s Prom Queen


Lead Bartender, fashionista and overall Bad A$$, Kelsey took a few minutes to answer some questions… giving us a bit more insight into what makes her tick. Enjoy!

1. Picture this: We’re building a Lost Abbey Restaurant, and letting the staff each craft and name a meal on the menu… What would be your culinary creation? 
No idea, but I would imagine pickles would be involved… and it would probably be disgusting

2. Besides knowing sign language, what other talent do you have that you hide away? Follow up question: Why do you hide that talent like Frodo hides The Ring?
I can perfectly recite every lyric as well as sing the various harmonies to each song on the Pitch Perfect Soundtrack. I could see how the average human being would possibly want to hide a skill like that from the world…but I’m not your average person-so it’s more a point if pride for me. As a matter of fact, I want to listen to that soundtrack RIGHT NOW!

3. What’s your favorite movie to fall asleep to?
Since I was a wee one, whenever I was sick, I would watch the entire Anne of Green Gables/Avonlea series. I would go in and out of sick consciousness while watching 6 hours worth of pure victorian era based entertainment. 

4. As a published “Fashionista” (  – What’s your next daring fashion adventure? (And before you ask, I did have a Rupaul track playing in the background as I was writing this question… It’s also Ryan’s “Zen afternoon” song)
I went though a slight “leg warmer phase” but then Summertime decided to show up. In hindsight; I’m not sure how I even feel about that phase. But in all actuality; I don’t know if I could survive without my denim jacket. It satisfies my old desires to resemble Kelly from Saved By the Bell. 

5. Amanda Bynes? What’s up with that chick?
Oohhh Mandy, that girl-gotta love her. I think she’s a class-act-good-time, I’m not going to lie to you, I see a bright future for her and I developing a fairly serious friendship.

6. It’s a scientific fact that you can’t go 15 seconds without smiling… you’re most likely smiling as you read this question… What do you picture in your head that keeps the happy thoughts flowing?
Ugh, I was smiling when I read that…how well you know me Mr. Martinez. I smile for the same reasons anyone smiles, such as thoughts of my next adventure, pickles, Zac Galifanikis (Is that how you spell his name? Whatever, he’s dreamy), crocodiles, breakfast burritos and tallying up how many bottles of Inferno I have consumed in any given day…these are a few of my favorite things.

7. It’s also a scientific fact th you have a sharp wit… So sharp in-fact that I am afraid to come to the tasting room because you’re going to hurt me mentally… Why don’t you tweet more?Let’s get serious here, it is considerably important to me that people have an equal amount of fear of me but at the same time feel drawn to me. I pride myself on the ability to terrify or offend a dear and unsuspecting friend, but then follow it with wink and a smile. So I’m fulfilled to hear that I have caused notable emotional scarring for you.

But really, I’m too flighty to keep focused on something as complicated and demanding as “The Twitter”. I’ll work on it…but really, by tomorrow I will have forgotten about this entire conversation. 


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