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Libri Divini – November, 2009

Divine Words | Volume 1, Issue 3

In this issue of Libri Divini

Musings From The Director’s Chair

Our Director

Our Director

I have an easy job. There I said it, easy. I show up for work at a brewery each day and make decisions about beer. It seems like an easy task and most days, this place runs itself. Sometimes, I am asked to make bigger picture assertions and this past week, we undertook a major redesign of our existing tasting bar.

You see, during the week and especially on the weekends we’ve started to see a major increase in the number of visitors to our warehouse.

Over the past 6 months, our original tasting bar just became so inadequate. The cold box also began bursting at the seams as we kept stuffing more kegs in it. So, we made an executive decision to tear it all down and start over.

Demolition began on Monday and by Friday evening, we were back up and running. We’ve added more taps, more bar top space and committed more open space for enjoying your favorite Lost Abbey beer. As an added bonus, we’ve now got shelving in our cold box and we’ll be launching a Vintage Beer List on December 12th. This list will include bottles we’ve been sold out of and potentially experimental beers we’ve never made available. Look for details on

Our beers are always in a state of evolution so it’s not surprising that our tasting bar has evolved as well. Mind you, we’ve kept the comfortable bar stools. And the attentive, colorful language swearing wait staff is still here. Those aren’t things you redesign. There’s 17 beers on tap right now with room for more! Come on down and see us. You’ll like what we’ve been up to.

I promise.

The Faces of The Lost Abbey

Ryan Fields, Lead Brewer

Ryan Fields, Lead Brewer

Ryan Fields, Lead Brewer
This month we’d like to introduce you to our lead brewer Ryan Fields. At the tender age of 24, he’s the youngest brewer on staff, but as a near two-year veteran of the team, he’s also the oldest employee (we don’t count Tomme).

Ryan started with Port Brewing / The Lost Abbey back in January of 2008 as a general brewhouse grunt, washing kegs, cleaning tanks, running the bottler, and all the dirty work no one else wanted to do. Before long he proved himself to be a hard worker and quick learner, and he was promoted to brew staff, initally as a brewer’s assistant, then and assistant brewer, and finally to his current lead brewer position.

These days you’ll find Ryan running the night brew shift, where when, he’s not moving beer from one place to another, he hides among the fermenters and pretends to be “the brewery troll” (don’t ask).

The night shift may not last long for Ryan, however. He made his first appearance as a Lost Abbey brewer at a special event at the Great American Beer Festival this year. Turns out his boyish good looks and humble personality made him a big hit, especially among the ladies in attendance. He ended up signing a lot of bottles and more than a few girl’s body parts.

Many people ask how Ryan got his first job at the brewery and we like to tell the story of his job interview.

One night he walked into the tasting bar and asked Molly the bartender “hey, are you hiring?”

Molly nodded to the man sitting next Ryan who happened to be none other than Tomme himself. Tomme turned to Ryan and said “what are your qualifications?”

“Well, I used to be an Eagle Scout,” Ryan answered.

He started work a few days later.

Brewery News: Tasting Room Updates

If you missed Tomme’s blog post on the website the other day, then you haven’t heard that we’ve recently done a major renovation on the brewery tasting room.

Our 25 foot long tasting bar, 16 taps and giant cold box have been replaced by a 42 foot bar(that’s 13 meters to those of you outside of the states), 29 taps and new restaurant style walk-in with double glass doors for bottles.

Not only is new new space larger and swankier, but it also affords us the ability to keep more bottles chilled for purchase and/or over-the counter consumption.

click for larger image

click for larger image

Right now we’re still putting the finishing touches on the space — adding the new merchandise displays and bottle cabinets, plumbing the glass washers and re-mounting the big screen TV — but we’re still open for business, and patrons are here enjoying it on a regular basis.

We plan on finishing everything up within the next couple of weeks in time for the big grand opening on December 12th when we’ll be revealing our new vintage bottle selection. (Bottle of `06 Angel’s Share anyone? How about a nice cold bottle of Yellow Bus?)

Make sure to check the website for updates and a final list of the vintage bottles that’ll be avaialble that day. If you get a chance, make sure to drop by and check the place out. (You’ll find our tasting room hours and updates on the website right here.)

2010 Patron Saints and Patron Sinners Club Registration

Yes, this is the long-awaited announcement! Registration for the 2010 Lost Abbey Saints, and Lost Abbey Sinners will open on Tuesday, December 1 at 6am Pacific Time.

As with last year’s clubs, the Patron Saints will be limited to 200 members, each of whom will receive 14 beers, including the much coveted Saint’s “black label” release. The Patron Sinners limited to 350 members, each of whom will receive a dozen of our barrel-aged rarities including the annual Sinner’s Blend. Annual membership dues will also remain the same at $160 for Saints and $235 for Sinners.

In addition to the beers, members of each club will also be entitled to VIP status for all limited availability beer releases, receive a six-piece set imported Lost Abbey glassware, and get 10% off all non-specialty beers and merchandise purchases. Members of both clubs will also be invited to the annual Sinners and Saints Dinner and Tasting held every October at the brewery.

For more information on Patron Sinners and Patron Saints clubs memberships, please visit our website at:

NOTE: Both of these clubs sell out very quickly. If you’re interested in becoming either a Patron Saint or Patron Sinner, make sure to register as early as possible!

New Online Shop

We’re pleased to announce the opening of our new online shop!

Now you’ll be able to purchase Port Brewing and Lost Abbey merchandise — T-shirts, workshirts, glassware, tap handles and more — all from the convenience of your computer. Additionally, if you’re a resident of the state of California, you’ll also be able to make bottled beer purchases online and have them delivered right to your door.

You can check out the new online shop by visiting:

Beer Releases For November/December 2009

Here’s the current new releases for the holiday season. Both of these beers have been bottled and kegged and shipped into distribution, so if you’re in a region in which our beers are available (click here for a map), you should see these start to hit your favorite tap rooms and store shelves any time now.

  • Santa’s Little Helper, Russian Imperial Stout
  • Gift of the Magi, Holiday Golden Ale
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