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Meet Ben Barnett aka Obi Wan

Born a Capricorn in the lovely state of Oregon, Ben Barnett’s biggest claim to fame was when he was on the show “The Bachelorette” (Monday’s on ABC). Ben only lasted through one “Group Date” after regaling everyone with the middle names of every Jedi in the Star Wars Universe. After that “Obi-Wan” discovered his love for craft beer… and Strawberry Rhubarb pie. Not sure how those are connected, but now he’s here with The Lost Abbey Family.

1. What’s your favorite Luna Bar Flavor?
Never actually tasted one, my manliness instantly turns them into Cliff Bars once I take a bite

2. You’re stranded in the desert, you’re out of water and losing your mind… what song is played inside your head?
I’m probably making my own songs up, all genres

3. When the new Madden comes out in August, which position is the created player “Ben Barnett” going to play?
Tailback and Strong Safety, the rookie out of University of Oregon is versatile and will wear the #47

4. Who’s your favorite Vice-President?
Bill Clinton clearly had the best vices… (WORD-PLAY!!)

5. How long does it take you to solve a Rubix Cube?
(Answer still pending… )

6. Apple or Android?
R2 would have looked ridiculous as an apple, gotta go with Droid

7. Ryan (or Rylan to his friends) says he’s the fastest guy in the brewery… would you agree to a public race to see who is faster?
Yes, but not for free…

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