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Monkey See, Monkey Do

It’s Friday January 9,2009 and we’re celebrating Monkey’s. No, it’s no some weird Chinese New Year thing. Nope it’s stranger than that. On Monday of this week Mike Rodriguez (formerly of Boulevard Brewing Co.) joined the Port Brewing and Lost Abbey family. His wife (monkey #2 or is that Monkey#1 I get so confused) is here as well.

What’s not confusing is that Mike and Michelle (henceforth referred to as Monkeys) are going to be a big part of our future endeavors. As I have called San Diego my home since birth, I can’t for a moment know what it must be like to pack up all your possessions and move West. And that’s exactly what they did. Monkey Mike heard about a job opening here at Port Brewing and decided this was the sort of place he’d like to swing from the vine for years to come. So, he convinced the better looking monkey that she would enjoy the bananas out west.

Today marks the end of Mike’s first week at Port Brewing. I’m sure moving a monkey family only seems easy on paper. We’re having a come meet the monkeys party out in the brewery right now. Mostly it’s because a whole bunch of bananas showed up this week. Seems a lot of people were sad to see the Monkey’s leave Kansas City. Good People those Monkeys. I’m looking forward to hoisting a beer with them.

It’s about time we started acting more professional around.
So we hired a monkey.

Looks like we’ll need to change the sign over the barrel room to say:
“Please refrain from feeding the monkeys.”
Mike and Michelle,
Welcome to the neighborhood

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