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Clarissa Patterson

Admin Assistant

“Keeper of Red Vines”

Clarissa joined The Lost Abbey Family in January of 2014

Favorite part about working in the Beer Industry?
My favorite part is I feel like I’ve entered into a secret society where the password is “I work at Lost Abbey”…. All the breweries are sort of one big happy family and I love being a part of it – even if it’s just as the third cousin twice removed on Grandma’s side..… Next week they are going to teach me the secret handshake…..

Favorite pastime to drink a beer during?
Attending Staff Meetings

Favorite Lost Abbey/ Port Brewing beer?
At the moment it’s Deliverance. There is nothing about this beer that I don’t love…except maybe how strong it is, that 12.5% packs an awfully big kick, ensuring I can only have small quantities at a time.

If you didn’t work in Beer, what would you do? 
I would probably end up managing an office in some horrible corporate environment where I couldn’t have pink hair, have to hide my tattoos and couldn’t drink beer during staff meetings.

Do you have a secret Talent? 
No secret talents, mainly cause I can’t keep a secret  (as proof – a few questions ago I spilled the beans about the secret beer society) … but I have many talents! I can crochet, knit, sew, bake (sounding like a little old lady here huh?), juggle, throw knives, quote long passages of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and Monty Python’s Search for the Holy Grail. I  can alphabetize faster than a speeding bullet and am able to leap short stacks of paperwork in a single bound!

If you could name a beer after yourself, what would it be?
Considering my tiny Elvis obsession, it would be  “Devil in Disguise”. A high abv porter (with some chocolate notes, I love chocolate) that goes down so smooth and creamy you never notice how strong it is until it’s too late. (insert ‘Evil Chuckle’ here)


As we get closer to Xmas, we thought we’d do something different. We’re having a silent auction this Saturday for a 3 pack including Isabelle Proximus, ‘10 Cable Car, and Veritas 04. All proceeds to benefit Toys For Tots. Starts at 1pm and will end at 5pm, see you then!

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