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Gina Marsaglia


“Let's Party Part I”

Let’s Party. Best known as ½ of the dynamic Marsaglia family duo, Gina is the godmother of San Diego’s craft beer scene and responsible for bringing good beer and good cheer to San Diego way back in 1987 before there was any. Originally from the great beer state of Colorado, Gina headed west to San Luis Obispo for college, then turned her compass south to San Diego and founded the world famous family of Pizza Port brew pubs. Life has been one big party ever since.

These days Gina, a fan of great and inspired beers, is often seen running from beer festival to beer festival promoting the Pizza Ports and Craft Brewed Beer. Her travels have taken her all across this great country of ours as well as far away places like Belgium and Amsterdam. Blessed with what seems like two livers, Gina is always up for another round wherever the good times may be.

When not chasing her three children, Gina enjoys running, working out, cooking and dipping into a well stocked wine cellar for every occasion. She’s a fixture at the Pizza Port in Bressi Ranch where her office is located. She fancies hoppy IPA’s like the rest of us and is a big fan of sour beers as well.

Her primary responsibilities remain overseeing the day to day operations of the Pizza Port locations – Carlsbad, Ocean Beach, San Clemente, Solana Beach, and Bressi Ranch – while still finding enough time and energy to help guide Port Brewing and The Lost Abbey.