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Jim Comstock

Co-Founder & Chief Financial Officer

“The Money Guy”

Better known as TJ to his closest friends, Jim is your man when profound words are needed marking any occasion. Jim joined Gina, Vince and Tomme as the fourth partner at Port Brewing and The Lost Abbey bringing a veritable vegetable soup of degrees including a BS and an MBA.

He currently serves as Managing Partner of Comstock and Associates a CPA firm overseeing the needs of businesses up and down San Diego County.

Jim has been tasked with the responsibility of ensuring the long term financial success of Port Brewing for years to come. It’s Jim’s financial planning skills that afford us insight into growth and strategic decision making which translates into more great beers year in and year out.

For those of you who don’t know Jim, he is a reformed Mexican lager drinker who has found a shelter in his new “Belgian beers” and is learning more about Experimental brewing than he ever thought possible. When not crunching numbers or slinging beers, Jim enjoys the finer things in life like cigars and scotch.