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Sydney’s First Birthday


Was my daughter’s first birthday. She’s now a whopping 365 days old. That makes her sound so much older. Almost old enough to drink Old Viscosity- which I maintain is certainly not her favorite adult libation… or her father’s for that matter!!!

Tonight, we’re celebrating. We’re celebrating that after 365 days on this great planet, she’s accomplished some cool things. Like for example, she knows how to pull on the tap handle that daddy points to. She’s yet to learn how to close “said” handle however, like most grown ups, she smiles with glee when the river runneth through said tap. As the maker of said river, I would interject here that it would make me happier only if she learned how to stop said water of life from flowing…details I tell you.

For those of you who live in San Diego and visit our brewery, this comes as no surprise. Sydney is a frequent attendee at the alter of greatness we call Port Brewing and The Lost Abbey. She knows her stuff well. We expect her first words to be “world class” or perhaps “Gold Medal…” But then again she may have moved on to the business of life and be willing to blast off a “hey, you owe us $3.00 a pint…” We’re just not sure which way she leans yet. It will be sassy no matter which direction her tongue takes her.

I have this bet with her mother that her first word will be LAMBIC. This is only due to the fact that Brettanomyces is too polysylabic. I’m holding that one back for our First Parent Teacher Conference Night.

Um, “Mr. Arthur, did you know that Sydney broke off a Brettanomyces reference today…?” She did. That’s my girl!!! Did she make Vinnie proud and reference Pliny too?” I can’t wait. She’s not only a step ahead, she’s one and a half fake ID’s ahead as well. My daughter turned one today and she knows great beer and she knows it better than a one year old can(with apologies to Ava Rae Murray of Pizza Port Fame- who has yet to turn one year yet)!

I for one, am looking forward to more conversational opportunities with her when we can discuss the merits of Avant Garde and Cheerios. Both sport a decidely “toasted” quality and at the same time have subtle nuances that need to be discussed on their own. She’s told me as much.
Still, I felt it was important to stop for a moment and share this moment with all of you and especially her. So Sydney Happy Birthday. Your Daddy is very tired. He double brewed today. It won’t pay your tuition yet but that’s life. In honor of your birthday, he threw back a chocolate with chocolate frosting cupcake and a bottle of Deus. Certainly this was not a pairing made in heaven. But at the end of the day, a beer made in the Champagne Method needed to be drank. Cupcakes be damned!!!

Happy first birthday my little one. Daddy has to go back to work now. Something tells me that college in 2025 won’t be cheap… I think I hear the Angel’s calling. What’s that, there’s a shortage of barrels? Someone tell the Dean, I have his check… I just need to sell a few more cases of the good stuff.

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