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Welcome to the Lost Abbey

The Lost Abbey?

Has it really been 8 years since Gina and I took that car ride to Arizona? On our way to Phoenix, she casually mentioned a restaurant and brewery concept that her brother Vince had conceived. The first time she uttered the words- “The Lost Abbey,” I just knew that one day the concept would bear my artistic brewing stamp.

Over the years, I met with Vince and discussed possibilities for the brand. In the process of having these discussions, I started working on a business plan. It wasn’t much of a business plan as I don’t crunch numbers. Still, it was a call to order for the ideas in my head that needed to get flushed out.

Sometimes, I would get incredibly busy with the business of brewing and would have to shelve the project. Other times, I was so energized that nothing else mattered. The binder (that held my notes and updates) was always with me in my back pack. When inspiration hit me, my binder was there to catalog the vision.

A little bit of history may help with this as well. I grew up Catholic and went to grade school at Blessed Sacrament Parish School and Saint Augustine High School- accepting boys and graduating men. Both of these fine institutions imbued in me the theologies of Catholicism and the tenets of Christianity. These belief systems are the basis and context from which The Lost Abbey will operate. Many of our beer names and imagery will be drawn from familiar religious texts and connotations.

“For Sinners and Saints Alike,” acknowledges that we are all the product of free will- we can make choices for ourselves. We believe that our beer is an excellent, some would say, inspired choice. Yet, we don’t pride ourselves as being Saints in the beer world. Far from it as “the sinners are much more fun…”

No matter if you fancy virtue over vice, we are here for you. Our beers will take their inspiration from Belgian brewing philosophies which champion full flavors and extol the virtues of taking the long way to get there. The truest of brewing artisans, Belgian brewing is not so much 1+2=3 as what happens if you add 1+8 and divide by three. The answer is the same the process is what is different. At the end of it all, you clearly have beer. The only difference is simple addition vs. circuitous math.

Personally, I have been re-energized by the launching of The Lost Abbey brand. I literally run out the door each day looking forward to what work affords me these days. I am living an inspired life in the brewery and it is so rewarding to have the space to translate the vision. Every faith requires at its core one simple premise. You have to believe in something. Right now, I believe in the power of this vision and the people supporting it. To those of you who have already found us. Thank you. It has been a pleasurable 6 months. If you’re new to The Lost Abbey- welcome. It is our sincerest hope that we will give you a reason to stay.

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