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  • Meet Ben Barnett aka Obi Wan

    Born a Capricorn in the lovely state of Oregon, Ben Barnett’s biggest claim to fame was when he was on the show “The Bachelorette” (Monday’s on ABC). Ben only lasted through one “Group Date” after regaling everyone with the middle names of every Jedi in the Star Wars Universe. After that “Obi-Wan” discovered his love […]

  • Meet Michelle B!

    When I first started to interview Michelle, she would only answer my questions with questions. I asked her “How are you doing today” and she would reply with “Do you enjoy watching paint dry?”. This went on for about an hour, I kept asking different questions and she kept asking me if I enjoyed watching […]

  • Video: Making 10 Commandments Ale

    As part of our continuing video series, we’re proud to present the making of 10 Commandments (or 10C as we like to call it), our Belgian-style dark farmhouse ale. Brewed with caramelized raisins, rosemary and honey, and finished with the wild yeast, brettanomyces, it’s one of our favorites both to make and consume. We hope […]

  • 2010 Angel’s Share Grand Cru

    When we opened our doors back in May of 2006 we knew barrel aged beers and blending of barrels was going to be a big part of our long term strategy. We built a dedicated barrel room for aging our beers and invoked the expression “In Illa Nos Fides” above the threshold for the room. […]

  • Typical Saturday at The Lost Abbey

    It’s a Saturday in January which means there’s snow on the ground in most of the country, NFL playoffs on the TV and a bunch of people enjoying our tasting room at Port Brewing. In case you haven’t visited us in a while you may not know that Saturdays have turned into quite the place […]

  • Christmas is coming…I asked Santa for a Hood and Wire Unit.

    It’s Monday of Christmas week. It’s finally here! I’m sitting at my desk staring at the box with Sydney’s new Princess Scooter in it. I need to put it together. It’s pretty much the only thing she asked Santa for this year. As I stare at the box, I am reminded that there are a […]

  • High on Fridays or is it the drugs?

    It’s Friday and the Ramones are jamming on the CD player. Me, I’m hunkered down in my office. The tasting bar is packed and Marty is doing a brisk business of selling pork products from his hot dog cart out front. What beer am I drinking as I type this? The clear alcohol free kind […]

  • A High Tide has me dehydrated!

    It’s the first week of September which means we’re hard at work in the brewery stuffing nearly all of our tanks full of High Tide Fresh Hop IPA. This is the 4th year we have produced High Tide at Port Brewing in San Marcos and it remains one of our best selling seasonal beers for […]

  • Friday nights, DUI Checkpoints and .068

    When we began the process of acquiring this brewery in San Marcos some 4 years ago, I made a decision to move my family(Maureen was pregnant with Sydney and due in May of 2006) to San Marcos so that I could be closer to the brewery. We found a place that is above Cal State […]

  • Christmas in July

    Here in San Diego, even when it’s supposed to be Christmas time, it rarely truly feels like Christmas.  In December each year, other parts of the country, throw on their best Christmas sweaters and sing about how the “weather outside is frightful.”  Us, we head for the beach and roast Marshmallows (not Chestnuts) by a bonfire.  Yet, […]