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Video: Grain Silo Becomes a Giant Barrel

If you’ve ever been to the brewery, you know that it’s a humble building in the middle of a nondescript industrial park where all the buildings look the same. We used to tell people “look for the grain silo out front”, but even that three story tank was hard to find because it was the same color as the building and tucked behind a tree.

So in April of 2011 we commissioned artist Sean Dominguez (the same artist who does all of the paintings that become the Lost Abbey labels) to transform our silo from a drab off-white cylinder into a 30-foot tall “wooden barrel” that would be nearly impossible to miss. Over the next several weeks, armed with a fistful of paintbrushes, a few cans of paint and an industrial lift, Sean did just that.

In this, the second entry in our new video gallery, Lost Abbey’s multimedia man, Ryan Tillotson, captures Sean at work and collapsing 2 weeks into an interesting 3 minute time-lapse video. Enjoy!

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