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Tomme Arthur to Introduce Clothing Line

Renowned beer maker will introduce fashion line beginning with “Brew doo” headgear

Three time GABF Brewer of the Year, and 2008 World Beer Cup Champion Small Brewer, Tomme Arthur, will be bringing his flavor-driven fashion sense to the craft beer drinking community with the launch of a new clothing line. Dubbed “Brew-House of Arthur”, the collection will feature around 20 items ranging from casual t-shirts and shorts to high-fashion flip-flops and accessories.

Among the first items to be available will be Arthur’s signature headwear, the “Brew-Doo” doo rag, which resembles a ratty white bar towel.

Arthur modeling is

Arthur modeling his Brew Doo doo rag

“It’s an incredible fashion statement,” said Mike “Dulce” Rodriguez, style editor for Beer Wear Daily.

“It looks great whether you’re just driving down the road in a Honda station wagon, or entertaining the homies while tipping back a few grenades of malt liquor. I’ll be shocked if this isn’t the beer fashion statement of 2009.”

Another release will be the “Seven-Day Sock”, cotton footwear designed to be worn for a week straight. “They’re wonderful!” exclaimed a Brew-House of Arthur spokesman. “After a couple of days they practically stand up by themselves so they’re really easy to put on.”

The clothing line-up will also include clean white shirts in short and long sleeve styles, as well as close-toed shoes, brown pants, and a black t-shirt for dressier occasions.

Arthur is also rumored to be working with longtime Port Brewing partner, Vince Marsaglia on a clothing line inspired by Marsaglia’s unique fashion sense. The collection will most likely be flip-flops, a pair of khaki cargo shorts, and a surplus Hop 15 t-shirt.

Brew-House of Arthur anticipates the fashions hitting beer wear specialty stores in time for the craft brewing holidays.

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