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Watch Tomme at Brewbound’s Craft Beer Sesion Live Today

Beverage Industry publisher Bevnet opens their winter conference today with a special conference segment dedicated to the craft beer business. The eponymously named Craft Beer Session includes speakers, education and networking opportunities for folks starting their own breweries. Among the panelists at the session will be our own Tomme Arthur who, along with the Bruery’s Benjamin Weiss and a couple members of the design community, will be discussing branding and packaging.

According to the Bevnet website, the Los Angeles-based conference is sold out, but they’re offering a free live webcast for anyone who wants to watch. Tomme’s scheduled to speak a little after 4pm Pacific time, so if you’d like to tune in, you can here:

If you’re interested in seeing what the other topics and speakers are, you can see the full conference agenda here:

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